How can we help?

We can help you in a number of ways. We can help you by checking with your local Patent library or by hiring a patent attorney or advisor on your behalf. We can help you gain access to all the patent information you might require. Patent documents contain information that is essential to a wide array of professions. These include anything from researchers, developers to business strategy managers and legal advisers that will make applying for a patent a doddle.

How to find a patent owner

Anyone who has invented a new product from scratch or else has developed a new process can apply for a patent. This patent helps protect the person’s idea and makes sure that it cannot be commercially distributed, sold, made or else used without the patent owner’s consent.
The patent owner, on the other hand, agrees to share the information that has helped create this new development.

If a person is working on a related new idea, the patent owner’s data can help with the development of this new project.
To find the patent owner, a government office in the country where the patent was issued needs to be located.

Carry out your research to find the name of the persons/s who have filed for the patent, by focusing on the websites that are closely associated with the industry.
Once you have the necessary information, get in touch with the agent or firm that has submitted the patent application.

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